Click Here to go to the DIG meetup site:

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of DIG to join our MEETUP.

All Special Interest Groups (SIG) are now being conducted through MEETUP .com thus taking the workload off the organizers of each event. ALL club communications are also done through our Meetup so to get the most our of your membership with DIG, we strongly encourage you to join our Meetup.

The two main advantages of conducting these activities though a Meetup are the ability to have instant communication among members and being able to share photos.

Our MEETUP group is completely private and available ONLY to current members of DIG. Although DIG members are not required to join our DIG MEETUP group, anyone who wants to participate in a Special Interest Group activities will need to become a member.

Joining our MEETUP group requires minimal information. Your real name and an email address. You join by first becoming a member of the Meetup service and creating an ID. You then request to become a member of our particular MEETUP Group.



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